Providing premier NDIS care services for the people of Queensland

At PrimeCare Services, we believe that every single Australian should have the equal opportunity of a secure, happy and fulfilling lifetime.

Our practice was founded to help people overcome the barriers of their disabilities and give them the courage to live more active and gratifying lives. We not only seek to help participants through advanced care services and assistance, we hope to inspire them with greater potential realisation of the possibilities that await them.

Thanks to the National Disability Insurance Scheme(NDIS), much-needed care giving services will be available all across Queensland by 2019. PrimeCare Services was uniquely created to augment the goals of the NDIS program and provide value, first-class care, and equal opportunity to the Australians who need it most. We offer personalised support and equal access services that reflect the individual needs of each participant and help create an ideally-suited environment for their condition, preferences and maximised potential. 

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