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NDIS in 5 Easy Steps

1. Check to See if You Are Eligible

The first step to joining the NDIS program is to see if you are eligible. See our NDIS Eligibility for more information. If you are eligible, see step 2.

2. Think About How NDIS Can Help You Now — and in the Future

How will the NDIS program be able to benefit you? One of the biggest advantages of the NDIS program is you will have much more control over how government-funded assistance can help you in both short-term and long-term. You can determine a plan on your own or with the help of family, friends or caregivers.

You may be able to find advice on planning for your NDIS through our NDIS Information Forums, or you can Contact Us directly for help and guidance when planning for your NDIS.

3. Visit an NDIA Representative to Develop Your Plan

Once you’ve given it some thought, you can set an appointment with a National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) planner to discuss your NDIS plan.

Your NDIA planner can help you clarify your goals and help you determine what may be best for you in the present as well as in the future. With your NDIA planner, you will be able to develop a personalised plan that works for you, such as how to manage your funding and other program options. The circumstances of your personalised NDIS plan will include things such as special requirements, living arrangements, transportation, employment, future goals and other.

When setting an appointment with your NDIA planner, you will be made aware of all of documentation that you will need to bring during your visit.

4. Put Your NDIS Plan into Action

The NDIS program seeks to give you far greater independence and control over your disability services than previously available. This means that you will get to decide what is best for you when managing funding and choosing service providers for your needs.

You will be given the option of either managing your own funding or selecting a person to do so for you. Your NDIA planner will help offer guidance and assistance when it comes to putting your NDIS plan into action.

5. Yearly Plan Reviews and Updates

The NDIS program seeks to be as flexible as possible for the benefits of its participants. You will be able to review your plan with your NDIA planner upon request or at scheduled review dates such as yearly reviews to ensure that your plan fits your current or changing needs.

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