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An Emerging Mark of

For years, a new program has been in development that will offer a more practical and beneficial approach to disability services in Australia. Called the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), this nationwide reform is based on years of research and discussion on the problems facing disabled persons such as inequity of funding, lack of choices, poor delivery of services, and improper coverage.

The NDIS is being established to offer more flexibility, control, and choices than have ever been available. With the NDIS, an individual can decide which form of support is best-suited for their own needs. That’s because with the NDIS, funding goes directly to the individual — instead of their care giver or support provider. NDIS participants will have the independence of choosing their own care providers, how and where to receive support, and even be able to access services that may have been previously unavailable.

With NDIS, a person will be able to create a personalised program plan that is designed to assist them in any way possible. NDIS states that in no way will anyone be negatively impacted by the nationwide reform, and that in most cases, it will offer a greater range of services than persons with disabilities have previously known.

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